Postal address: Ukraine. 12422, Zhytomyr region., S. Denyshi

 The announcement due to the fact that at the state level and at the level of separate administrative units in accordance with the law of Ukraine "on protection of the population against infectious Diseases", the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 11.03.2020 no211 "on prevention The spread on the territory of Ukraine coronavirus 2019 nCoV ", the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 03.02.2020 no93" on measures to prevent the introduction and spread of acute respiratory disease on the territory of Ukraine, caused by coronavirus 2019 nCoV » and other normative documents are taken measures to prevent the establishment and distribution, including in the territory of the Zhytomyr region of cases caused by indicated new coronation reception and registration of patients in the time 03.04.2020 terminated. At the same time, you are given an opportunity to reserve by contact numbers a guaranteed and full provision of services for sanatorium-and-spa treatment after the completion of quarantine.

What documents must be carried to purchase tickets:

-The document confirming the identity (passport, military ID, driver's license);
-Sanatorium card to make a clinic in the community.


Our phone numbers:

  +38 (0412) 44-64-86 

    +38-050-31-38-255     +38(067)411-57-88


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